The Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth (the "Youth Section")
is a vibrant hub, a place of meeting, exchange, and stimulation. It is a place to explore new initiatives and find ways to realize them. It is a worldwide network of active, questioning, change agents.  It is a group with no members.  It is a space to deepen our questions and thinking and our understanding of ourselves and the world.  The Youth Section is one of eleven sections of the School for Spiritual Science of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and is connected to the Youth Section of the international General Anthroposophical Society based in Dornach, Switzerland.

What does the Youth Section do?  

We connect and support young people in our spiritual striving, our need to understand and be active in the world, and our intention to make a positive difference.  We do this by sponsoring national events and conversations, publishing a newsletter, and providing scholarship funds for young people to attend international youth conferences. In April, 2015 we sent eight young people to the Connect Conference in Belgium, an incredible opportunity for high school students to be inspired by other young people, be supported in their spiritual questions, and embark on a spiritual path to underpin their work in the world. In October, 2015, we received donations from eighty individuals to raise $5000 to send four young people to an international youth initiative meeting in Dornach, Switzerland.  This year, we are co-sponsoring three really great events including: 

Will We Wake - A Retreat Exploring Inner Work & Meditation in Service of the World from May 27-31 in Hillsdale, NY.

Encountering Our Humanity - A seven day, intergenerational, international, interdisciplinary conference in Ottawa, Canada from August 7-14.

Cultivating Warmth and Light in Creative Community: Tools for the Future An International Camphill Youth Leadership Conference from September 17-September 20, at Heartbeet Lifesharing in Vermont.

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How can I become involved? How can I support the work of the Youth Section?

If you have questions or want more information contact Ariel-Paul Saunders at

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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